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Mermaid's Catch, Haiti Steel Drum Art, Sealife Home Collection 14.75" X 34.25" - Tropically Inclined

Mermaid's Catch, Haiti Steel Drum Art, Sealife Home Collection 14.75" X 34.25"

$ 129.00

Brand: it's cactus - metal art haiti

Color: It is a varying color. A mixture and a blend of hues. dark black steel, browns and pewter tones. It changes depending on the lightin


  • This sculpture has been finished with a clear enamel coating, which will protect it from the elements. However, if it is displayed outdoors, we recommend applying a spray-on clear coat in order to maintain it's fresh-out-of the box look. Five minutes once a year is all it takes. Easy!
  • Firing, sanding, pounding, chiseling, cutting and shaping, Haitian artists fashion each beautiful recycled metal sculpture by hand. It is a tradition well-established in the village of Croix-des-Bouquets, as fathers have taught sons and neighbor has taught neighbor for four generations.
  • Hanging your metal art is easy, once you know how. Choose a place it within two design elements that are touching or notched toward the center of the piece and drive a nail into the wall at that point. Using a second and possibly a third nail, place those in other notched areas within the design to secure it firmly. Avoid placing nails in the eyes or mouth. A viewer's eye will go straight to those elements and a nail there will draw attention to itself. You don't want the nails to become part of the details - you want them to "disappear."

Details: Made entirely by hand, the cut work and detailing are executed using only a hammer and chisel. Haitian Mermaid Collectible Art!

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