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Pirate Hair Beads (PHB001) - Tropically Inclined

Pirate Hair Beads (PHB001)

$ 15.99

One-of-a-kind pirate-style hair beads featuring a jewel-beaded strand of wood, glass and gemstone beads with a vintage kuchi coin pendant strung on thin, natural leather cord - approx. 8". 

Ahoy, Matey!  Sail the high seas in style wearing these custom pirate-style hair beads.  Each jewel-beaded strand is unique, representing beads and trinkets the wearer might have plundered and gathered from around the world, a reminder of a particular adventure or, perhaps, a fine lass or wicked wench.  Beads are carefully chosen from our personal treasure chest, a/k/a the "booty bin," for each strand, that tell the story of each pirate's life and crimes.  Aye, we also accept custom orders.

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